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If you haven’t heard of all the health benefits of the majestic coconut oil – now is the right time.

More and more celebrities are becoming advocates of this natural oil – Angelina Jolie stated she cannot start her day without a teaspoon of coconut oil, so did Miranda Kerr, who adds one teaspoon in her morning green tea. Other famous faces like Mindy Kaling and Emma Stone use it on their wonderful hair.

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This amazing fruit has found its purpose in many different situations: from cooking mouth-watering meals to making super easy and multi-beneficial organic beauty products.

Want to look like a million dollars? Then follow these few steps to achieve the natural glow from head to toe:

Body lotion

Because it is rich with saturated fat, coconut oil works amazingly as an all-natural moisturizer that restores the skin’s natural oils. Regular application in precise amounts can help minimize skin irritation and breakage.

Body scrub

No need to go to the store for an efficient body scrub – just turn to your kitchen. Mix half a cup of coconut oil and a tablespoon of salt or sugar and you’ve got a homemade exfoliator. Because of the moisturizing effect, the oil will last on your skin long after the grains have melted.

Makeup remover

No long lasting formula or waterproof eyeliner, mascara or concealer can withstand the cleansing power of coconut oil. Tap it on with a cotton pad or rinse your face by applying it directly. The makeup will disappear and your skin will remain as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Makeup brush cleaner

Why not treat the brushes you use on your skin as you treat your skin? Make it a monthly routine and give your makeup kit the treatment your skin deserves by mixing your own cleanser made from one half antibacterial soap and one half coconut oil.

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Lip balm

Who knew you had an organic lip balm in your kitchen cabinet? Coconut oil has a solid structure at room temperature so you can carry it in a small container in your pocket as a handy remedy against the cold windy weather or the hot summer days.

Cuticle oil

Do you suffer from nasty and painful cracked cuticles? No problem, just rub some of this nourishing elixir at the base of your nails and let it sink in. It will heal the peeling skin and help you preserve your manicure a while longer.

Massage oil

Missing that hot summer sun and the warm sea breeze caressing your skin? Bring a piece of this heavenly image to your home: heat a cup of coconut oil and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (rose essence, lavender or vanilla) and you’ve got a perfectly smooth massage oil.

Hair conditioner

Why spend money on an expensive pack of hair masks, conditioners, shampoos, and oils when you can get it all from one piece of solid coconut? Soak your hair with coconut oil for an hour or two, have your hair follicles repaired instantly and prevent hair loss as this oil is full of valuable vitamin complexes E, K, and iron.

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As you can see, maintaining a healthy skin is easy with this super-fruit. So don’t waste a second – go to your local grocery store and grab a jar of the finest coconut oil. Give yourself a royal-worthy treatment!

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