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Oxidative Medicine, what is it? It is an emerging branch within the health sciences that looks upon the body as a primarily energetic being. This goes for animals too. We are sentient energetic beings. In other words, we are beings of pure energy, that have been transformed into a feeling people.

Oxidative Medicine is that branch that uses substances that cause health to occur through the process of oxidation. Oxidation to be meant as a process in which electrons pass freely through a substance and are then able to express its fundamental nature.

Heal through oxidation

You see, we have been told now for years that Oxidants are bad and must be quenched within a cell by the use of something called an anti-oxidant. The oxidant has been looked upon as the bad dude on the block to be avoided and held in check. Well research has clearly shown that that premise is flawed and in reality there is a dynamic equilibrium between both the oxidant and the anti-oxidant, within a cell. There are no known pathogens that can withstand the effects of Ozone. There is virtually immediate disinfection of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc. This is not just a lessening of the pathogen count but an obliteration of the pathogens. WOW.

Many health problems have been attributed to an overload of oxidants where an alternative and probably more correct hypothesis, is that there is a lack of oxidants in the cells and thus there isn’t a proper amount of energy available in the cells to operate efficiently. Without going into the biochemistry of the nature of this phenomenon I would ask you to bear with me, research this topic on your own and then make your own decision as to the accuracy of my statements.


One of the more widely touted treatments is that of the use of Ozone. Yes, medical grade ozone is very healing to the body once within it but it is very toxic to the respiratory system if it is breathed in. The ozone reacts within the body in a very safe and predictable manner. The ozone is unstable and breaks down into a single oxygen and a molecule of oxygen. The single oxygen combines with other substances within the cell and are then known as ozonides while the molecular oxygen is deliver directly to the vicinity of need.

Pain within the body is brought about by a reduction of electrons in a discrete area or a widespread area. The introduction of ozone into the tissues causes a rapid disbursement of electorn rich oxygen and can thus normalize the imbalance of energy. Thought of in another way, the oxygen is like fuel to the cell. When there is enough fuel, the engine can work well and you are not running on fumes (vapors more accurately).

The ozone can be introduced into the body in a number of ways. For example, mixed with ones own blood (autohemotherapy); as a gas into a cavity like the colon ( rectal insulflation); into the ears another form of insulflation; etc.

Dental Applications

In dentistry it is used in a variety of ways. The direct application of the ozone gas to a tooth can cause it to be sterilezed and dramatically diminish the chance of reinfection of that tooth (caries), it is used under the gum tissue to insulflate that tissue, or a special delivery device is made to deliver the gas onto the teeth and gums of a whole arch for a bathing of the tissues in the gas for direct absorption. And others.

DSC_9550-2Nicholas J Meyer, DDS, DNM, is a graduate of Loyola University School of Dentistry (DDS) and the World Organization of Natural Medical Practitioners (DNM).  He is a practicing dentist and natural medical practitioner.  He is licensed in Arizona and has recently authored the Holistic Dental Matrix a book that helps people sort out their health issues and relationship to their mouth and oral structures.  He is a speaker and writer in several publications.  Dr. Meyer incorporates his training in natural medicine with the practice of dentistry.  He has had a focus on chronic facial pain and assorted chronic problems that may manifest elsewhere but have their origin in the mouth.  You can find out more about the services that Dr. Meyer offers at his website www.Milldental.com.  You can find out more about the book at www.DrNicholasMeyer.com.

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