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Doing everything right, yet packing on the pounds with every passing year? In Part 1 of this 3 part series, we learned about the “root cause” of Fat After 40 – less cellular energy. In Part 2 of the series, we learned how genetics play a powerful role in fat production and storage and how we can support our own DNA to help us lean toward lean. What else plays a role?

Lifestyle tweaks that influence Fat After 40!

If you are reading this, you probably already “eat right and exercise”. But what if the good work you already do could be adjusted to get so much more out of the same effort you already invest in your health and fitness?

What does it mean to “eat right”?

It all starts with healthier choices. More real food, less processed food. More protein to feed our muscles, where our metabolism really lives, and a little less fat and fewer carbs, goes a long way beyond counting calories for sustaining our new weight balance, long after the diet is over.

Without becoming a whole foods nutrition expert, there is one simple choice you can make, going forward, that will make all the difference. Go organic whenever possible.

The good news is, that most grocery stores carry one or more organic choice in almost every food we buy. It didn’t used to be this way. So take advantage of more access to the better foods at our “normal” grocery stores.

Why do we care? 

Remember, the more toxins and inflammation we carry, the more our DNA or genetic code sends a message to make and store fat, primarily in the middle! Reducing that toxicity and inflammation begins with every small choice we make, every day, when we eat. With any given category of food, there might be one, two… even six possible “interesting” man-made changes made to that food that simply aren’t natural. Our bodies don’t appreciate it! Without knowing what those interesting changes might be… simply choosing organic, wipes out all of those possibilities and allows us to eat in peace!

What about exercise?

You’ve got to move it!

First, we begin where we are. We move in the ways our abilities allow and our access supports. Over time, however… we may realize that we are stuck in a rut and lack balance here, as well.

Balance simply means cardio and resistance.

Let’s be honest… we all have our favorite. Some would rather run a marathon than lift weights for an hour and vice versa. The truth is, however, we can’t trade one for the other. They both offer unique support for sustainable weight balance throughout our lives, long after the diet is over.

My patients target 3 sessions of resistance, per week. It might be weights, it could be Pilates or even a cardio-resistance power-pump style class.

They also target 3-5 cardio sessions, per week. The combo class checks off both boxes, for those short on time… elliptical, rowers, steppers and just plain brisk walking counts here.

When you are already doing so many “right” things… why not simply adjust to optimize your outcome? It is simple. Combined with the targeted nutritional supplements designed for metabolic and genetic reprogramming, these simple lifestyle updates can get you there and keep you there.

The Science, the Tools and the Plan

My patients are “thinking women”. In our relationship, understanding what, why and how is just as important as the plan they follow. If you like to learn, too… there is so much more on my website. Sign up for the free video series “When the Fat is Not Your Fault”, watch the science come to life, and learn more about exactly what me and my patients are doing, every day. www.DrDaenell.com

_TVP5302_20131012-Edit-2 - Copy CropMy name is Carrie Louise Daenell, ND. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a raw-materials and formulation expertise in the nutraceutical industry, I can build just-right protocols out of the targeted nutritional supplements that actually work for weight, hormones, heart, bone and digestion. You may have seen me on PBS or local/regional TV talk shows or News Programs. You can learn so much more at www.DrDaenell.com


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