Fitness guru Kathy “G” Glabicky dropped by to show us this quick routine to burn major calories this Fall.

Kathy G’s Tread Tabata is the BEST combination of killer cardio and muscle-sculpting to tighten, tone, and increase strength and stamina!
It incorporates tabata intervals on the treadmill (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds) with full body HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises on the floor.
It is the most effective use of one hour, and you feel like you hit every muscle group.

You do not need to be a runner to do tread. In fact, most people are not “runners.” The health benefits of tread translate to so many disciplines; whether athletic or just in your day to day.

The afterburn effect is amazing. Normally you stop working out and the calorie burning benefit ceases the minute you step off the machine; with tread you walk away from class an energy burning machine for hours!

As Kathy G says,”you can do anything for 20 seconds!” It’s the truth!

Let’s get started!


Set your treadmill’s incline 10.
Speed range 6.0 and up
Need to be breathless
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off,  Complete 8 rounds.


 Squat Series

**All of these exercises can be modified to be done without weights for beginners**

This leg round should be performed after you had a proper warm up and completed your 8 tread tabatas on the treadmill on your 10 incline.

Do all exercises on the right leg, and then repeat on the left leg.


1. Squat down low as can go- make sure knees do not go over toes, butt is back, and chest is up and looking forward.

2. Hold down low and pulse for 20 seconds,  rest 10 seconds.



1. Stay in a squat position

2. First you want to squat then want to lunge back w right leg
Then go back to the squat And the right back lunge, Alternating between the two. You never stand up; always stay in that squat position.


Curtsy Lunge

1. Stay in a squat position

2. First you want to squat then want to do a CURTSY lunge w right leg
Then go back to the squat And then do the curtsy lunge, alternating between the two. kathy-g-4

Side Lunge

1. Want to stay in a squat position

2. First you want to squat then want to a side lunge w the right leg. Make sure pull butt back and do let right knee go over toes. Leg leg is straight.


You did it!

Now, make sure you cool down and stretch.

Kathy-G“You Can Do Anything For 20 Seconds” is the rallying cry of Kathy “G” Glabicky and her innovative fitness program Kathy G’s Tread Tabata. Named one of Shape Magazine’s “Top 50 hottest Female Trainers in America 2014”, Kathy, who is an ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA Group EX Instructor and holds TRX, Insanity, Piloxing and Spinning certifications created the Kathy G’s Tread Tabata program out of her own studio based in Marblehead, MA. Tread Tabata is a group exercise class taught on the treadmill, utilizing varying speeds and inclines, combined with full body intervals on the floor, set to her customized app. A Tabata-type protocol is used for 20 seconds of maximum effort, 10 seconds rest– for eight cycles equaling four minutes each of high intensity cardio and strength work. A warm-up, full body workout session, and stretching and cool-down round out the 50 minute class. In addition to her personal classes, Kathy trains other instructors in the Kathy G’s Tread Tabata program as well as creates personal instructional videos available on her website, a personal training app available on itunes and has started her own clothing and accessories line.

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