Shannon Morgenstern, ND

Everyone Has a Toxicant Body Burden

Here’s a quick little quiz to see if you may have been exposed in your life:

Do you:

  • Drink Water?
  • Eat Food?
  • Breathe Air?


Then, unfortunately, it’s VERY likely that you’ve been exposed to toxicants that may be affecting your health and wellbeing!

Every symptom has a cause and they don’t just appear out of nowhere

I always explain to patients that, “your body is like a bucket. With each exposure, any stress, lack of sleep, etc, it begins to fill, and fill, until eventually, if we’re not careful, it can start to spill over the top and new symptoms or health concerns can appear and sometimes it seems like they’re coming out of nowhere.”

It’s everything from the BPA in your water bottle (BPA-free isn’t safe either!) to the phthalates in your Tupperware and perfume, to the heavy metals in our water supply and the exhaust you’re exposed to living in the city. Unfortunately, many toxicant chemicals around you that you’re exposed to on a daily basis can add to and trigger illness.

Often I’ll have patients come in and say,

“I can’t stand strong perfume, or smoke and I always avoid the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store I get so sick from the scent!”

Chemical sensitivity is a MAJOR sign that something is amiss. THIS IS WHEN WE NEED TO ACT IMMEDIATELY. Your burden has increased and your bucket is OVERFLOWING!

Some of the questions that we’ll ask include:

      • When did the symptoms start?
      • When did the symptoms get worse?
      • When did you last feel well?
      • Where are all the places you’ve lived and worked?
      • What kind of hobbies are you involved with?

AKA: What could you be exposed to (or have been exposed to in the past) that’s making you sick and how long has it been making you sick?!

The pattern of illness that we often see in environmental overburdened patients are:

      1. Immune Dysfunction (Immunotoxicity)
        1. Allergies and Asthma
        2. Chemical Sensitivity/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
        3. Autoimmune disease
      2. Neurological Dysfunction (Neurotoxicity)
        1. Brain fog
        2. Balance Issues
        3. Memory Problems
        4. Numbness, tingling and Weakness
      3. Endocrine (Hormonal) Dysfunction
        1. Infertility (with low sperm in men)
        2. Miscarriages
        3. PMS
        4. Menopause

Do you have any of the above health concerns?

If you do, it’s definitely worth seeing a naturopathic doctor who knows the ins and outs of environmental medicine to help get you back on track and feeling better.

Even if you don’t have any of the above symptoms yet, see how you stack up overall in terms of your current exposure and make sure you check out my “How Toxic Are You” Quiz if you haven’t already.

Dr Shannon Morgenstern is a Naturopathic Doctor, educator and guide, who helps patients to find more balance, rejuvenate from the inside out and reach a state of health and happiness. Her mission is helping patients like you to go from living a stressful life of mediocrity to living a life of calm and inspired thriving. She often works with patients who are stressed out beyond belief, struggling to function and who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Dr Morgenstern is able to provide the support and motivation to have you go from feeling bored and discontented with life to feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. She practices out of a beautiful clinic in Calgary Canada called Naturmend. Make sure you check out her website www.drshannonmorgenstern.comfor up to date info and free tips!

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