Why We’re Going Crazy for Turmeric

Reece Carter

They’re cropping up everywhere, in cafes and in the blogosphere: turmeric lattes. But apart from being fun to drink something that looks like liquid sunshine, why are we all jumping on the turmeric bandwagon? Simple, it’s nature’s best anti-inflammatory!

In this little throwback to my first YouTube video ever, I show how to combine turmeric with its cousin ginger, another great anti-inflammatory. Both of these herbal medicines have been shown to block something we call the COX-2 pathway, just like their pharmaceutical counterparts – but without the side effects!

The active part of turmeric is called curcumin, and acts directly on the gut linings to help relieve IBS and leaky gut. Add a little black pepper to help push the curcumin in to the blood stream, and we see it exert its actions throughout the body – it’s especially good for joint pain!

In my anti-inflammitea, I added a few of my other favourites to improve digestion, plus some black tea for a natural zing. The end result? Your delicious daily health tonic for overall wellbeing.

SHO_0272editReece Carter is Australia’s leading herbal medicine expert, bringing health tips and natural beauty recipes to your screens in ‘The Garden Pharmacist’ web series. With his help, you can make an organic skin cream to wind back the clock, or brew a pot of weeds and seeds that will banish stress and send you to sleep. Underpinned by a degree in naturopathy, and years of clinical experience, Reece ‘s expertise is fun and really works – all delivered with Aussie charm and a cheeky smile!

You can find plenty of Reece’s other #herbnerd recipes over at his YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/c/reececarterchannel/ – and keep yourself healthy, naturally!

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