A pilot study looking at the effects of probiotic supplements on resistance-trained men may show an increase in athletic performance.

The study was published in the December edition of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

There is growing evidence that suggests probiotics impact the gut-brain-axis and how it impacts the gut microbiota and modulation of muscle physiology. The purpose of this study was to determine if the co-administration of slow digested casein with a probiotic would have a beneficial effect on body composition, performance and perceived health.

Results of studying 10 healthy resistance-trained men shows those who consumed 20g of casein or 20g of casein plus probiotics twice a day for eight weeks, with upper respiratory health monitored daily, resulted in differences between the two groups.
The group that coupled casein with probiotics increased in physical power, showing beneficial effects of the casein-probiotic combination on peak power and fat mass.

Because there were no significant differences in body mass between the control group and the probiotic group, researchers are suggesting more studies be done to confirm this study’s findings.

Dr. Marty Edwards, ND, of Edwards Holistic Health and Wellness in Philadelphia said of probiotics “anythime you do anything to improve your digestive system, you are enabling your body to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals at a higher rate, which is what your body needs to repair itself, to regenerate its muscles.

“Probiotics also increase the absorption of proteins, which you desperately need in recovery. I tell people that probiotics usually provide you with a secondary health benefits because they cover your digestive system and help you recover from fatigue, so the maintenance of your body improves.”


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