Scientists have long been amazed by the human ability of consciousness, and how our awareness of our environments impacts our bodies. Regardless of whether you believe consciousness stems from the brain or is a more non-local phenomenon, our ability to have consciousness and conscience is what makes us truly unique to be human. Join me as I explore the fundamentals of consciousness and what it means to be a thinking and contemplative human being.

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Our physical sensations, memories, and goals are all ingredients into our consciousness, and your entire body is involved in the process. On this episode, learn why your three hearts are connected to the three levels of consciousness, the neuro and atomical correlates of consciousness, and how to balance the struggle between self-interest and ultimate truth in modern society.

By becoming more aware of your mind, body and the world, you can harness your conscience to create a more beautiful experience out of life. The more we develop our consciousness, the better we will all treat ourselves, each other and the world around us. Has the physical manifestation of consciousness had an impact on how you interact with life? Share your story in the comments section.  


In This Episode

  • An overview of the many scientific theories surrounding consciousness
  • Exploring the ‘off and on switch’ scientists have discovered for conscious awareness
  • Looking at a consciousness mind like a lemon meringue pie
  • How to listen to your conscience as a guiding light for a better life
  • The lasting toxic effects of silencing your conscience and immoral actions



“While we are living here on Earth in this beautiful human experience, we were designed to have this body to relate to the world around us, our consciousness is not just in our body.” (4:14)

“Without consciousness, we would simply exist, like a grape growing on a vine.” (4:49)

“The brain needs to combine all of the thoughts, memories, emotions that you are having at any given moment plus all the data you that you take in from all of the sense at any moment into a seamless whole.” (7:32)

“Our level of consciousness is not the only thing that separates us from other animal life. Conscience, or the awareness of right and wrong, is another fundamental factor that makes us humans.” (13:17)

“Conscience can be seen as a guiding force, directing us to act in accordance with a divine truth.” (14:11)

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