Christiane Northrup is a leading authority in the field of health and wellness and almost needs no introduction, as a prevalent OBGYN and New York Times Best Selling Author. A personal inspiration to me and countless other women, Dr. Northrup has combined spirituality, divinity and healing practices to help women get their bodies back on track.

A self-described old soul empath, Dr. Northrup has a keen sense for people’s spirits and has used her traditional medical training to explore herself as a woman and help other women understand their inner goddess energy. Today Dr. Northrup is opening a space of honesty and acceptance to help support other women in their journey to greatness.

Everything from believing in your own ability to manifest heaven on Earth, to using the power of self-pleasure as medicine and why we should stop labeling women as crazy and start believing them, is on the table today. Dr. Northrup believes that by shining a light on women’s issues, staying with yourself and putting yourself first, you can become a force multiplier that uplifts everybody.

By embracing and accepting goddess energy into ourselves, we can better fill the cups of those around us, and bring love and understanding to places where it may not currently exist. Dr. Northrup is an educational, inspirational and passionate beacon of light who is here to help you respect and release your emotions. Are you familiar with Dr. Northrup’s work? Let us know in the comments!


In This Episode

  • Navigating emotions and intuitions as an old soul empath
  • What is an energy vampire, how to detect them and protect yourself
  • Expressing righteous anger around circumcision and its link to misogyny
  • Owning and operating your female erotic anatomy and microcosmic orbit
  • How to become radiant and find the missing piece to your soul energy



“We are at what could be called the end times, the end times of the old energy. So we cannot afford to go negative, to watch the mainstream media, to go down the pathway of fear, pain, anger, we can’t afford it” (9:39)

“It became really clear to me that I am not seeing the ‘crazy people’, I am seeing the women with enough courage to tell me what is going on” (12:24)

“What is it that you are trying with your second chakra energy, to bring forth into the world that is not being birthed out of you yet? How can I help you birth what’s inside of you? “ (27:22)

“If they are not into you, and they are not coming toward you swimming like a sperm, you can’t make it happen! And if you try to make it happen, chances are good that you will become an energy vampire” (50:36)

“I have always known that God, our inner being, is our source… that is the main reality. And I would say that is the #1 main reason [that I am radiant]” (1:00:43)



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