Essential oils have so many wonderful properties, and they can even be used to heal your child’s symptoms. Natural solutions such as essential oils diminish the need for antibiotics and can help your entire family feel better naturally and effectively. Dr. Andrea Greiner uses essential oil homeopathy on both of her children and has seen first hand the incredible results that can arise from treating both children and adults with oils. 

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If you are curious about diving into the world of essential oils or need help deciding on what oil is right for what symptom, Andrea is here to provide the perfect guideline for you. Learn which oils are best for headaches, sore throats, earaches, eczema and more, plus ways to ensure that everything you are using is kid-friendly. 

There are tons of ways to create natural healing solutions for you and your family, and it starts with essential oils. When you are able to embrace this intrinsic healing relationship we have with plants you can make all of the available modalities of naturopathic medicine work best for you. 

What are some of your favorite essential oils to use with your kiddo’s or on your own? Share in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • The best reasons to use essential oils with your kids at home
  • Reliving the historical purposes and extraction methods of oils 
  • How to easily integrate oils in your child’s bathroom and sleep routine 
  • Ways to increase the effects of your oils and make them last longer
  • The importance of finding the triggering patterns of your child’s symptoms 



“Its such an intricate relationship between nature and healing and the deeper parts of ourselves. And these plants provide this deeper connection.” (4:38)

“When we put something on our skin, the essential oil gets through our entire body in 20 minutes. So it is still having a very lasting effect.” (18:05)

“If we can really support their immune system and the drainage of the ear and taking out dairy and a few other triggers, we can absolutely treat the kiddos bodies with fewer antibiotics.” (26:03)

“I really love teaching people how to implement these natural solutions for themselves and their kiddos and sharing that healing to bring more light into your life.” (38:58)



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