Dr. Maya Shetreat has trained in the traditional medical realm and the homeopathic atmosphere of elder spiritual leaders in remote parts of the world. Throughout her research, Dr. Maya has discovered that the key to finding transformational healing is not in a prescription pad but instead found in the glorious beauty of nature.

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Embracing the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, Dr. Maya looks outside of conventional medicine to embrace the ways that nature can heal you.Learn how your urban environment is impacting your life expectancy, how to use nature to reconnect with your own innate ability to heal, and ways to rediscover your relationship with nature even while living a busy life in a city.

Getting dirty, hugging trees without shame and connecting to the Earth’s free-flowing electrons are Dr. Maya’s tools of healing, and she shares all of her beautiful wisdom today. When you live in your heart and let it lead the way you can regain your ability to put yourself back together. If you feel out of touch with yourself, others or the world around you, using nature in simple and effective ways could be your answer for clarity.

Are you ready to get back to nature and use your heart intelligence to reconnect to what is true inside of you? Share what you love most about being in nature with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Tips to connect to nature even when living in a concrete jungle
  • Simple ways to be in nature and connect to your heart intelligence
  • Regulating your nervous system and digestion by grounding yourself in nature
  • What happens when you interrupt your connections with the rhythms of the Earth
  • How to increase your life expectancy and chronic disease with natural changes



“The Universe has a way of reminding you what the most important things in the world are for you and why you are here and what your purpose is. And for me, it was really getting involved in herbalism and healing with plants.” (4:47)

“One of the real gifts nature offers is helping us connect to ourselves and to our own inner voice which is a critical part of not just our health and our happiness but also our ability to be in our purpose.” (18:49)

“We prioritize our time. And anyone can take a day every couple of weeks to rent a car, take a train, take a bus, whatever it is, and go somewhere beautiful.” (21:59)

“When we go into that heart intelligence, it helps us to really connect not just to ourselves, not just to the people around us, and not just to the natural world, but also to the spirit world, and that is one of our entryways in.” (34:07)



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