Intuition is something that all of us have inside of us, a physio conscious phenomenon that is part of being human. However, with our increasingly fast-paced society, it is easy to become less in touch with your bodies internal messages. One of the best ways to increase your intuition is to get out into nature and let your body become enriched by the antioxidants given to us by the Earth.

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Our body and mind are intimately connected to the Earth, and the more time we spend in nature the more we can increase the coherence between our brain, heart, and gut. Exposure to green spaces can also improve functional connectivity, intuitive emotions and more.

Reconnecting to nature is a beautiful and magical way that people can affect each other emotionally and physiologically, as well as increasing your internal intuition. When you are more intuitive you make better decisions in your everyday life for your health, relationships and your business, and a shoeless step into greenery is your first step. Have you noticed any changes in your intuitive sensibility by spending some more time in green spaces? Let us know what you have tried and tested in the comments.


In This Episode

  • The importance of getting outside and reconnecting to nature
  • How the heart and the brain are connected and constantly impacting each other
  • Ways that nature increases your intuition and perception of the world
  • Why being in green spaces can help with increasing your blood flow



“The way we have removed ourselves from nature is one of the reasons we have become less intuitive” (1:42)

“We are no longer dying from those infectious diseases, we are dying from what I call ‘looking away diseases’. And it’s from looking away from who we are in nature, looking away from how we care for ourselves” (9:31)

“The heart is an access point of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live with a lot more balance” (11:30)

“If you want to increase your intuition one of the most important ways is to get outside and spend time in nature” (16:14)



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