Some breakups hurt more than others, and generally, this is an accepted fact. But have you ever stopped to think about why the termination of some relationships hurt more than others? If a heartbreak has ever made you feel physically ill, I am breaking down some information that may help you wrap your head around the systematic issues that contributed to your real physiological response.

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I am introducing you to cytokines, one of the main reasons some relationships are harder to get over than others, along with other hormones such as IL 1 and CRH that are playing a role in how you process the end of a relationship. Other reasons why the end of a relationship may trigger physical responses, how your brain makes connections through the body-mind continuum and the role pair bonding plays in creating attachment will also be unveiled in this episode.

Having a strong understanding of your emotions, the physiological aspects of love, and how they relate to how we experience our closest relationships is an important aspect of any connection. Exploring the real physiological response when some people fall in love will help you process your past trauma and move forward in happiness. Have you ever been lovesick? Let us know in the comments.


In This Episode

  • The integral physiological role cytokines play when falling in and out of love
  • How symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression can be linked to cytokine activation
  • Why pheromones may be the driving force of cytokine activation
  • The link between intuition, pheromones, information and scent
  • How your emotional life and physical life directly affect each other



“Have you ever stopped to think about why some breakups made you feel like the world is ending, and others don’t make you think twice?” (2:58)

“Scent is more than the actual experience of the scent. When we are experiencing scent, we are actually experiencing information.” (7:07)

“The research says that it would be an acceptable hypothesis that cytokine activation may be the cause of the symptoms that ultimately lead to the depression and fatigue during a breakup.” (10:34)

“To me, it is clear that our emotional life and our physical life directly affect each other.” (13:58)

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