I don’t know about you, but every day I feel the connection between the mind and body growing stronger. The mind-body continuum plays a huge role in women’s health and how the body was designed to heal itself. Dr. Laura Belus knows this all too well as a naturopathic doctor specializing in health optimization, hormone balance, skin health, and anti-aging medicine.

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Today Dr. Laura is here to shed some light on ways that you can optimize your hormones and use your intuition to guide you towards the right treatment for you. Dr. Laura believes in the individual’s ability to find common patterns and identify what is working for their body, and what is not, to find the right mode of healing for you. Learn how the immune system and thyroid can be connected to your hormone concentration, the connection between the way your body deals with environmental triggers and stress, and understanding the correlation between psychological issues and chronic pain.

Hormone imbalance is steadily increasing in women both young and mature, and it takes some effort to figure out how your changing progesterone and estrogen levels could be impacting your health. If you are struggling to piece together how your HPA access, adrenal functions, daily stressors, and cortisol levels are impacting your pelvic pain, Dr. Laura is the expert for you.

If you continue to plague your system with daily stressors, excess estrogen or toxic chemicals you will never be able to set your body up for success. Listen to Dr. Laura’s advice and learn how to create a personal plan to start you on a path to optimal hormonal health and recovery.

How do pay attention to the way your mind and body are connected? Share your strategies with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the role estrogen and progesterone play in balancing your hormones
  • Why the thyroid is the first organ to be affected by perimenopause and stress
  • Practices that you can use to deal with psychological and physical pelvic symptoms
  • Exploring solutions for increased depression and anxiety related to endometriosis
  • How early traumas can play a role in how your reproductive system manifests
  • Testing your nutrient levels, thyroid, and inflammatory markers to measure health



“It was really the understanding of how to treat and nurture my body from the inside out to keep those results and to keep my health optimal, that was life-changing.” (4:38)

“Our own intuition and our own knowledge of our body and our symptoms are the guiding force, or should be ideally.” (6:16)

“We can definitely see someone going through chronic pain as a whole cascade and a whole downstream effect of mental and emotional concerns and challenges, especially if they are not being supported by their healthcare team and of course their loved ones.” (19:46)

“These are things that women can start to do right out of the gate, and start to feel empowered about what they are putting into their bodies.” (29:01)

“This idea that the mind and body are connected is so valuable as an underlying philosophy, but this testing really brings the information to the forefront of how our environment is individually affecting us.” (33:09)



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