Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting edge psychologist, best selling author, consultant, media host, master clinician and leading influencer on thought leadership and personal development. Dr. Rosenberg helps people just like you build confidence, increase resilience and find emotional strength and relationship mastery. Today she is here to help you get in touch with your difficult feelings in order to accept your emotions rather than avoiding them, and in turn, gain the confidence you need to approach any situation without hesitation.

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By focusing on how to build confidence and the reasons we all universally struggle with negative emotions, Dr. Rosenberg has created the Rosenberg Reset, along with her book 90 Seconds To A Life you Love. Dr. Rosenberg is sharing the resources behind her ‘1 choice 8 feelings 90 seconds’ theory in order to become more capable and resourceful. She is also letting you in on why she believes harsh self-criticism and anxiety are just distractions from other unpleasant feelings, how to tolerate your bodily emotional sensations and the importance of making sense of your life history to understand the impact it has had on you.

When you are aware and in touch with your moment to moment experiences, you can begin to gain the confidence and resilience to live life more authentically and with intention. Dr. Rosenberg is an expert in helping people get unstuck and master their memories and emotions to live a more fulfilled life. Do you let negative self-talk or the constant fear of ‘what-if’ keep you from facing your difficult feelings head on? Let us know what you think about Dr. Rosenberg’s advice in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Understanding how to navigate your everyday life reactions
  • Asking yourself questions in order to make sense of your life history
  • Acknowledging your needs and limitations in order to ask for help
  • How to cultivate your vulnerability to use it as your greatest strength
  • Why speaking up for yourself is the most important thing you can do



“Lots of times, what we don’t allow to move through us on an emotional level often has to show up someplace else.” (8:20)

“Confidence develops when you have the deep sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you pursue.” (23:11)

“The truth is none of us succeed alone. Not any single person succeeds alone.” (29:31)

“We make decisions that we are not even aware that we are making, and they have an impact on how we allow ourselves to experience feelings.” (40:02)

“If you can ride one or more 90-second waves of one of eight unpleasant feelings, you can pursue anything you want in life.” (54:32)


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