How do you go from couch surfing and regularly using cocaine, to becoming one of Oprah’s top thought leaders for the next generation? That is one of many questions that Mastin Kipp has the answer too, and the basis for how he has used his experiences to help people connect with who they really are. A best selling author, speaker, and trauma coach, Mastin is an inspiring light that is passionate about helping people set intentions and find their inner light.

Mastin believes in the power of understanding your level of consciousness, focusing on combining underlying trauma work and microbiome health for optimal healing, and embracing the power of your ability to choose. Today Mastin is helping shed some light on his three-part process of realizing you have a choice, surrendering your intentions and rejoining your tribe to serve others.

By embracing our ability to love and support each other as a tribe, while gaining conscious awareness, we can hold ourselves accountable and fully give ourselves permission to be successful. How does Mastin’s definition of unconditional love and his approach to healthier relationships resonate with you? Let us know in the comments.


In This Episode

  • Remembering that your emotions and actions are not who you are
  • How to naturally interrupt your destructive patterns
  • Why unconscious trauma needs to be part of your physiological treatment
  • Eliminating suffering while finding a stronger resilience to pain
  • Why formative behaviors early in life can limit your emotional resilience later on



“You can absolutely enjoy whatever you are enjoying, but never remain attached to it, let it flow by like a river” (8:27)

“When you have a prayer or an intention, your job is to see everything that happens, good or bad, as an answer to that prayer. It cant be an answer to your prayer on your terms” (15:03)

“Nobody wakes up and says I’m going to sabotage myself. It’s not self-sabotage, its self-protection, and it’s been misdiagnosed as self-sabotage” (24:00)

“If you took all the pillar sacred texts and look at it, there is a direct correlation with how the microbiome behaves” (35:04)

“You don’t get to determine necessarily what happens to you or what environment you were born in, but do do get to determine how you respond to it” (40:39)



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