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When you are on a weight loss journey, people talk about how important it is to be physically active and to eat well, but no one really tells you about what this journey is doing to your mind and how to deal with it. In fact, many people who consider weight reduction mostly a physical challenge, fail to achieve and maintain results. Those might be your feet running on a treadmill, but it is your mind that is telling you “You can do it girl, just five more minutes”. That strong desire for a healthier and better body will keep you following the routine and get accustomed to a more balanced way of life.

Easier said than done, right? Here are some tips that should help you cope with the obstacles and remain motivated.

Think Thin

Can you think your way to a thin body? Well, yes and no. Negative thoughts about your body and your potential to get yourself in shape can only diminish your work in the gym and your strict avoiding of the fridge.

Overcome these mental blocks by picturing yourself thin. By visualizing your new body after the achieved results, or finding some old photos of yourself before the weight gain, you can constantly remind yourself why are you doing this and what are you trying to achieve. Still, you must have realistic expectations – weight loss does not come quickly (if it does, it is usually a scam, and those pounds come back eventually).

Step by Step

Changing your life (and habits) overnight can be really stressful. Newsflash: Stress can be one of the culprits for weight gains, so you see how this can be counterproductive. Instead of switching from fast food straight to raw diet, you should consider introducing small changes each day, and make a natural transition towards a healthier lifestyle.

Step by StepSome of the things you can do are: eat more fruits and vegetables, replace the store bought snacks with low-fat popcorn, drink alcohol only on weekends, etc.

Support Keeps You from Failing

Just like everything else in life, weight loss is easier when someone is supporting you. Talk to your family members, friends or partner, and always have someone you can reach out to when you are having a bad day. If you feel the need to, you can talk to a psychologist or start a cognitive therapy for weight loss program, which should help you go through this difficult period.

Self-Control and Self-Monitoring

Support can be really helpful, but that does not mean that you can rely on it for everything – some things you just have to do by yourself. Self-discipline is the most important skill to have during the weight loss journey, and lucky for you, it can be practiced. Each time you resist your cravings, you are strengthening your self-control.

To comprehend how and why that is happening, you should also practice self-monitoring. This way, you will be able to notice the changes, and the barriers, and overcome them.

Do It Right

There are no halfway solutions here. When you workout make sure you do it properly. This will not only help you lose weight faster, but it will also keep you motivated and assured in your success. If there is a need to find a personal trainer, just to explain some basics to you and get quality bodybuilding clothing that will make your performance much better, do it. The same thing goes for the diet, seek advice from a nutritionist, instead of engaging in “wonder” diets which are promising “drastic” results.

Do It RightIn the end, the most important thing you can do during your weight reduction journey is to believe in yourself every step of the way. It is impossible to stress enough just how valuable a simple “You can do it” thought can be. Good luck!

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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