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Preparing for a surgery is a time when most patients’ stress and anxiety levels tend to go through the roof. Knowing that a complete stranger is approaching your body with the intention of opening is a rather unpleasant prospect to have, but apprehension and dread can only make things worse. That is why most physicians recommend including light to moderate workouts in the pre- and post-surgery period: in addition to helping you shift your focus from the ailment to other, more enjoyable aspects of life, pre-op and post-op exercise helps maintain optimal hormonal balance, seamless digestion and proper bodily functioning.

Yoga is an excellent technique for patients looking to pep up ahead of an invasive procedure or maximize surgery effects. Combined with meditation, yoga can help restore inner peace and balance while at the same time promoting muscle strength, joint mobility and overall well-being.

Here are some basics of pre- and post-op yoga sessions and the ways in which they can contribute to optimal surgery effects and recovery.

Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga at home is an excellent pre-op preparation method, and it is also a beneficial post-surgery rehabilitation technique, as it does not require extensive equipment and is suitable for people of different ages, fitness levels and health conditions. All you need for your at-home yoga routines is a mat, a couple of blankets and a bit of time and good will.

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For post-op yoga at home, you may also need some medical supplies which your physician can recommend in view of further enhancing your rehabilitation and recovery. Based on your condition and fitness, you can try different yoga styles and find the one that best suits your condition.

Yoga Benefits: Pre-Surgery Period and Injury Prevention

Medical experts recommend yoga as a rehabilitation therapy for patients with orthopedic problems, as the ancient Indian practice can also improve post-op recovery in chronic and acute shoulder, hip and knee conditions if taken up prior to surgery. In addition to boosting muscle strength and range of motion, yoga and meditation can significantly reduce anxiety, stress and depression which often afflict people diagnosed with chronic conditions or serious diseases in the pre-op period.

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Yoga in Healing and Rehabilitation after Surgery and InjuryFurthermore, yoga and meditation combined can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, alleviate PMS symptoms and hot flashes, boost immune system and contribute to improvement in people diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis and even psoriasis. Yoga is also one of the best preventive workouts for various sports and occupational injuries such as sprains, ligament problems, weak muscles, lower back pain and improper posture.

According to recent studies, yoga can considerably promote recovery and prevent postoperative complications in patients after breast cancer surgery. Other studies have found that yoga-based cardiac rehabilitation can reduce risk of recurrence and complications after coronary artery bypass surgery. There is also evidence that asanas promote healing and recovery following anterior cruciate ligament surgery by increasing joint mobility, muscle strength and flexibility and reducing pain. Yoga is also useful in prevention and treatment of various pains in the joints (knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders) and lower back in case of injury or following an invasive procedure.

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It is no wonder yoga has gone viral over the past few years: judging by the lengthy list of its medically proven health benefits, this old technique is your health’s best friend. Namaste!In case you are preparing for an operation, recovering from an injury or just looking for ways to prevent and alleviate chronic conditions, try yoga. A balanced combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, the ancient Indian discipline can help restore mental clarity, relieve stress and anxiety, boost rehabilitation effects and promote healing.

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