(NaturalPath) A study out of Hiroshima University used movie sets and their 3-D capture technology to measure how a baby bump affects the way a pregnant woman walks.

“Prior to our study, there were almost no theory-supported models of the movement of pregnant women,” said one of the authors of the paper. “This model is just the start of our goal of contributing to a safe and comfortable life before and after childbirth for pregnant women.”

The infrared cameras were used to create 3-D motion capture snapshots of the gaits of eight pregnant women during various times during their pregnancy, as well as seven non-pregnant women.

The models verified what people have known that even during the first trimester, pregnant women lean backwards while standing and bend their hips less while walking. This can lead to tripping over their toes more easily.

“We want to find the ideal way for new mothers to carry their baby, what exercise are most effective to return to non-pregnant fitness, and what physical postures are best for work in the home or office. Now that we have the appropriate data, we hope to apply our model and make it possible to problem-solve these concerns of daily life,” said the researcher.

The results of the study verify the existence of the ‘pregnancy waddle’ and should enable future studies on how to make everyday tasks safer and more comfortable for pregnant women.

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