There might be a simple way to get you moving toward your fitness goals right in your morning cup of jo. The caffeine found in coffee and many teas might be the thing you need both to wake you up and to get you through a tough workout.

In a study published in the scientific journal Sports Medicine, researchers out of the University of Kent say that caffeine could help individuals stick to their health and fitness goals. The theory is that if people use caffeine or other substances to lessen the perception of exertion during exercise the people would be more motivated to stick with it for the long haul rather than give up after several months as they are prone to do.

Most New Year’s resolutions are dropped within the first month trying after the initial January excitement has worn off. As motivation wanes, it can be difficult for most to continue

Researchers explain that as humans we have a natural tendency to conserve energy and that this “laziness” can cause us to choose less exertion in our activities. Therefore, lessening the perception of exertion could be key in making that choice easier and helping people lead healthier lives since physical inactivity leads to twice as many deaths as obesity.

While the caffeine can keep you more motivated to work out, you do have to be careful that you’re not squashing your goals with high-calorie coffee drinks. A vanilla latte from Starbucks can have over 40 grams of sugar.

If you feel you need that extra bit of motivation for your workout, make that latte or cup of coffee yourself, so you can see exactly how much sugar is going into it.

Another one of our favorite ways to get the caffeine kick without all the added sugar is with il Morso, a 100% organic chocolate bar with as much caffeine as a shot of espresso and only 1 gram of sugar. They’re perfect for a quick pick-me-up on the way to the gym, and they’ll only set you back 15 to 20 calories.

While it is easy to give in to laziness, it is so important to keep moving, as exercise is one of the keys to vibrant health.

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