KASHAN, Iran – Using extracts of Damask rose is proving beneficial to cardiac patients who are having problems sleeping, according to a study.

The research, published online in May, 2014, was done at the Kashan University of Medical Sciences in Kashan, Iran.

Researchers found that Rosa damascene aromatherapy can improve sleep quality, reduce sleep latency and sleep disturbances and help alleviate daytime dysfunction in cardiac patients.

It is common for cardiac patients to suffer sleep dysfunction.

A randomized controlled trial involving 60 cardiac patients in control groups received routine care. One group also had Rosa damascene aromatherapy for three nights. Both groups were assessed on sleep quality during the trial.

Results showed that sleep quality was impacted by aromatherapy, leading to the conclusion that aromatherapy significantly improves sleep quality of patients hospitalized in critical care units for cardiac problems.


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