(NaturalPath) According to a study out of Indiana University, certain chemicals used as flame retardants that are potentially harmful to humans are found in hair, toenails and fingernails. It sounds disgusting, but apart from that, the problem is that exposure to flame retardants in various forms has been linked to obesity, learning disabilities, neuro and reproductive toxicity, and endocrine disruption. These flame retardants are frequently added to plastic, foam, wood and textiles.

One important point that came out of this study is encapsulated by at statement by researcher Amina Salamova at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Bloomington. “Little is known about the human exposure to flame retardants, especially new classes of the retardants. The first step is to establish a relatively easy and reliable way of measuring chemical levels in people, especially children, and we’ve determined that hair and nails can provide exactly that.” Previously, researchers were forced to rely on more difficult to obtain samples like human milk, blood and urine.

For more information, read the full study.


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