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A recent research study indicates that ex-smokers have difficulty in abstaining from smoking due to a drive to reclaim a sense of “who they are.” The study is from the University of East Anglia.

Smoking relapse study

The study suggests that relapse often occurs from a desire to reclaim a lost social identity, and that many ex-smokers actually do associate quitting tobacco products as a “loss.”

Tobacco embodies physical and psychological addiction

This is not surprising. Tobacco is physically addicting, but also has a host of behavioral, social, as well as emotional triggers. These psychological elements are incredibly important to understand, as individuals attempt to quit such a physically addictive substance. The social identity wrapped up with smoking is a significant factor for many ex-smokers. They feel that they were part of a “social group,” something that has identified them since their teenage years.

This “social group” involves environmental factors as well as relationships with other smokers

This social group involves environmental factors as well as relationships with other smokers that strongly influence a sense of self. This creates an internal conflict for some ex-smokers, as they feel that they are trying to ‘cover-up’ something about themselves, and redefine their identity. For many, relapse brings with it a sense of relief at reclaiming this identity, but also a sense of guilt and shame.

Points of research correlate conception of identity and awareness of “self” is important in attempting cessation of smoking

These points of research indicate that a conception of identity, and awareness of “self” is important in attempts to quit using tobacco products. These things are also likely very important to acknowledge and develop with handling other addictions as well.

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