Takeaways from centenarian cultures and the emerging field of social genomics.

NCP16_banner_day-6(NaturalPath) James Maskell is the host of The Functional Forum, NYC’s biggest monthly meet up for functional and integrative practitioners. James also hosted the critically acclaimed ‘Evolution of Medicine Summit‘, a free world wide digital event featuring experts and innovators on the cutting edge of creating sustainable change.

Razi Berry, host of the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit, and Maskell discuss the lifestyle habits and strategies we can learn from the healthiest cultures, or “Blue Zones,” where members of the community often live to 100 years or beyond.

Maskell also explains the emerging field of social genomics: how social factors including community, stress, conflict, and isolation have an impact on our health, and how we can maximize our personal communities in person and online to build positive social relationships.

Listen to the free interview with James Maskell on Saturday, May 21st at the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit.

Register today at thecancersummit.com

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