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I wrote an article pertaining to a study on sexual interest in long term relationships recently, and it may have left you wondering about some things. For instance, within the study there wasn’t any question of how satisfied individuals were, not having sex. Also, it didn’t address any possible communication points that may facilitate deeper satisfaction, sexually. So, this week, we go back to the bedroom, and another recent research study on sex, to add a little more insight into the topic. This time, the study concerns what men really want in the bedroom.

Survey Supports Different Conclusion of an Old Misconception

Men have a reputation for having all sorts of perverted sexual fantasies, however a new survey supports a very different conclusion. Most men prefer sensual and romantic forms of sexual behavior. In fact, the study found that men and women of all ages desire very similar bedroom behavior from their partners, with kissing and cuddling being rated above all other sexual acts. This research is paramount in showing that when you boil it down, we all just want to feel secure, and loved; we just want to be held and feel safe.

Most Desirable Sex Acts are as Follows…

The study did also address which sex acts were most desired. Masturbation and oral sex did make the list, but only under romance and affection in terms of importance. This contradicts many stereotypes about men’s sexual preferences and behaviors. Men wanted more kissing during sex, cuddling, sweet and romantic talk during sex, and wanted the room to feel romantic. When more than 30 sexual behaviors were surveyed in terms of appeal, wearing sexy lingerie, and sending/receiving nude images were rated high by the majority of participants.

Emotional Closeness Post-coital Rated Most Pleasurable

The findings are actually in line with past research that has supported that most individuals find the emotional closeness that follows sex more pleasurable than the moment of orgasm. Studies have shown that a more active and healthy sex life is associated with life satisfaction and happiness, but this only really happens when sex is followed by positive emotions, like those experienced through the cuddling and bonding of intimacy.


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