Clean drinking water is crucial for human and animal health. Many things are done to our water in order to disinfect it and make it “safe” for consumption. Fluoridation is not one of those things. Fluoride is added to the drinking water in many cities under the pretense of helping to lower the risk of developing dental caries; caries, such as tooth decay, cavities, another term for the bacterial breakdown of the teeth. There is a large amount of evidence to support the use of fluoridated toothpaste in preventing dental caries(1,2). However, two recent systematic reviews have reiterated the lack of support for fluorinated water aiding in the same prevention(1,2).

Researchers report that “flouridated water does not seem to reduce dental caries”

In a December 2016 article from the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, a team of Italian researchers reports that “fluoridated water [does] not seem, based on the existing literature, to hold sufficient evidence for the reduction of dental caries(1).” An additional analysis of thirty systematic reviews on tooth decay from 2002-2015 reported the same conclusions.

Fluoridation is based on human experimental studies from the 1940’s

The idea of fluoridation is based on human experimental studies from the 1940’s. There are many errors and omission contained within these studies including control biases, variances in sample sizes, and inconsistent selection of controls, which were pointed out, but ignored in 1959 by dental researcher Phillip Sutton(3). Others have also mimicked these claims. Part of the issue is that the fluoride in water doesn’t stay on the tooth long enough to have the same type of topical effect as toothpaste. The Center for Disease Control maintains that the only benefit from fluoride is when it is used topically.

Only 6  of the largest cities in America do not fluoridate

Fluoride is suspected to be related to a host of health-related issues when it is ingested into the body. Some of these include neuroendocrine problems, musculoskeletal complaints and lowered immune function. It may be beneficial to search out methods for filtering out fluoride from drinking water and not drinking tap water in cities which fluoridate. Filtration systems which remove fluoride include:reverse osmosis, deionizers (which use ion-exchange resins), and activated alumina. Activated carbonfilters(e.g.,Brita& Pur) do not removefluoride.

Of the largest 50 cities in America only 6 do not fluoridate: Tucson, AZ; Wichita, KS; Fresno, CA; Albuquerque, NM; Portland, OR; San Jose, CA.

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