With heart disease being one of the biggest silent killers in the world today it would appear counterintuitive to forgo pills and traditional medicine in favor of spiritually tinged prescriptions mixed with mindful-based practices as an effort to heal in perpetuity. An idea worthy of note is the HeartMath Institute which offers fundamental understanding of an organ so vital to our existence it’s often studied in microscopic detail missing the connective fibers outside its scope. Truly understanding all elements, how it congeals, and not solely basing modalities in a barren broth rooted in a sliver of microscopic studies is just what The HeartRevolution intends to diffuse. This 8-day summit will display a synergistic approach of antiquity backed modern medicine alongside intangible evidence for a consummate understanding of one, if not, the most important and hardest working organ in the human body: the heart. 

Rollin McCraty, PhD., is the Executive Vice President and Director of Research for the HeartMath Institute.
McCraty is also Director of Research and Project Coordinator of the Global Coherence Monitoring System. He has been with HeartMath since its creation in 1991. He is a psychophysiologist and a Professor at Florida Atlantic University. McCraty’s research interests include the physiology of emotion, with a focus on the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior and health. He and his team regularly participate in studies with scientific, medical and educational institutions worldwide. McCraty has written extensively and been widely published in his areas of scientific interest. He holds numerous memberships, including with the American Autonomic Society, Pavlovian Society, National Association for Psychological Science, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and Society for Scientific Exploration.

In an interview with Razi Berry, Rollin McCraty, PhD., discusses his work with the HeartMath Institute and how committed they are in providing applicable tools that aid in deciphering intuitive messages and applying them in a tangible way.

In the interview you will learn:

  • How our planet affects our hearts physically and emotionally
  • Come to understand the role of the electromagnetic field of the heart and how it communicates with the brain and body
  • See how the heart receives information and intuition beyond the limits of space and time

Join The Heart Revolution on February 25 to view this interview with Rollin McCraty, PhD., and our other guests including:

  • Ben Lynch, ND; Identifying The Cause
  • Eben Alexander, MD; Proof Of Heaven
  • Madan Kataria, MD; Laughter Yoga: Medicine For Our Hearts

Registration is free for this completely online event. Register today at theheartrevolution.org
Discover How to Heal, Empower & Follow Your Heart Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

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