(NaturalPath) Anxiety can really affect your life, even more in children. Going back to school can be that stress. According to a study out of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, while the urology department perennially sees bedwetting in children, there is an uptick in September from the anxiety of going back to school.

“Back to school is a physically and emotionally stressful time for many children, compounded by the sudden change in sleep patterns and schedules that generally wreak havoc on eating and other routines established over the summer,” said one researcher.

The researcher recommends keeping your child on a schedule since the bladder is controlled by the brain. Since the bladder control develops gradually in children, the final stage – while sleeping – is usually reached around age six or seven, though in some cases children can continue to wet their beds until age 10 or beyond.

He notes that “Physical and emotional stressors (such as going back to school) are well-known contributors to both night-time enuresis and daytime incontinence in children.” Most times the issue is not biological and that lifestyle issues such as lack or regular potty times, good hydration and appropriate diets can fix 80 percent of the problems.

So be more aware of your child potentially bedwetting around back to school time and try some lifestyle techniques to fix the problem.

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