TCM, an abbreviation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been used for a long period of time in many countries. TCM has fostered herbal remedies that help in cancer treatment. Some of the aspects of cancer treatment that TCM can help with include: bone marrow suppression, nausea and vomiting. According to the researchers, emerging evidence has revealed that herbal remedies can regulate the proliferation, apoptosis, adhesion and migration of cancer cells. TCM can also suppress angiogenesis and thus reduce tumor growth.

In combination with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, TCM has the potential to be used as an assistant therapeutic approach; it can enhance the response rate (RR) to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reduce the severity of toxic effects and other side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients.

There are a number of different types of preparations, including injections, tablets, pills, capsules and orally-administered liquids. Compared with traditional decoctions, Chinese medicine preparations are safer, more effective and easier to use.

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