(NaturalPath) In a study out of France, researchers looked at how to treat migraines in children using homeopathic remedies. Using an observational, prospective, open, nonrandomized, noncomparative, multicenter study conducted in 12 countries the researchers treated 168 children aged 5-15 years old with homeopathic remedies.

The 59 physicians were given full reign to tailor the prescription to the individual child to help with their migraine symptoms. Therefore the doses were not necessarily equal, but specific to each child and therefore effective.

The measurements of success of the medication where a questionnaire that the physician, patient and parent/guardian filled out after the treatment. The secondary measurement was the difference between school days missed prior and following treatment.

The frequency, severity, and duration of migraine attacks decreased significantly during the 3-month follow-up period. Additionally, the average number of days missed at school due to migraines significantly decreased from five and a half days to only two.

For more information, read the full study.



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