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A research team has developed a new model for conducting research on the eye. The model is actually a living retina fragment on a chip.1The model is intended to further the development of personalized treatment of eye diseases. Specifically, the “eye-on-a-chip” may become a less invasive technique for addressing the worsening eyesight caused by macular degeneration.


“Organ-on-a-chip” models are being developed at a rapid rate and are quickly changing the ability to research and develop treatments for a host of disease processes. The model uses a tiny piece of an organ placed on a microchip with fluid channels. Good results have also been ascertained using these models for heart, arteries and liver tissue.

Technology is simply amazing!

The retina is a slightly different organ to apply this model. It is a multiple layered organ structure with very complex fluid regulation and massive energy consumption; but it seems that its function can also be mirrored on a chip. The process does involve nanotechnology as well as stem cell technology, which enables a culture of the retina using patient’s stem cells.

Current treatment for macular degeneration

The current treatment for macular degeneration consists of injections into the eye. Using the chip model, alternative treatments can be compared side by side in a rapid manner, with less animal trials, and patient testing.


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