(NaturalPath) According to a recent study by the University Of Derby, 1 in 8 smartphone users are now addicted to cell phones. Although smartphones are a relatively new phenomena, with the release of the first iPhone less than 10-years-old, there’s been a surge in smartphone related ailments. These include neck pains, vision problems, ‘text claw,’ and psychological defects. The problems associated with excessive smartphone usage have even spurred new terminology, such as ‘nomophobia’ and ‘phubbing.’

Nomophobia is the fear associated with being stranded without your cell phone. Phubbing has become a popular slang term for when phone addicts ignore their face-to-face peers in favor of browsing on their device. Children and teens, who have grown up with smartphones, are most at risk for developing long lasting side effects from overuse. Although ten years is an eternity in tech years, in the health industry it’s a very small timeframe to properly measure the long-term implications associated with smartphone addiction.

This infographic, created by Dialed-In, addresses some of the leading issues associated with smartphone addiction.


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