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“Confusion of the mind, confusion of ideas and thoughts, personal identity is confused, mistakes in speaking using words not intended, confusion of the intellect…”

“Dementia, speech alterations, myoclonias, asterixis and convulsions”

What does this describe? What comes to mind? Alzheimer’s? Autism? Last New Year’s Eve party? In actuality, the first quote is a description of people with Aluminum poisoning from Kent’s Homeopathic lectures. The second is the standard medical definition of Aluminum poisoning in kidney failure patients on dialysis.

Aluminum causes brain damage. Period. In fact, pharmaceutical research studies on Alzheimer’s medications are performed on mice that are injected with Aluminum to give them the brain damage to mimic Alzheimer’s, so that the drugs can be tested accurately. Children fed formula with Aluminum versus Aluminum-free formula score lower on mental development tests.1 People accidentally exposed to high levels of Aluminum contract memory loss, fatigue, depression, behavioral changes, and learning impairment.1 Aluminum causes brain damage. Period.

So, if Aluminum causes brain damage and it is scientifically proven beyond a doubt, why do we still ingest it? Why is it still in your antacids, your buffered aspirin, and your vaccines? The answer is ‘dose-dependent’. How much are you ingesting versus how much are you excreting in your urine? What remains is what causes the brain damage.

Aluminum is everywhere. It is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. It’s in your water, it’s in your food, and our bodies have become accustomed to that level of Aluminum through evolution (thanks, Darwin). Our GI absorption of Aluminum is negligible in its natural form (approximately 0.1-0.4%). Skin absorption is also minimal (Aluminum in anti-perspirants is negligible). The problem comes when our industries concentrate toxic substances, change their form, and feed them to us without performing adequate safety studies. In fact, the CDC acknowledges that the safety of Aluminum is assumed, and has not been tested completely.1


So what do we do? How do you avoid toxic levels of aluminum? Answer: Avoid the top three sources of aluminum! Interestingly enough, let’s look at our two major conditions that are potentially caused by Aluminum.

Alzheimer’s – Highest levels of Aluminum are found in antacids and buffered aspirin. Who takes these for reflux and clot prevention – the geriatric population! Who is the most susceptible to Alzheimer’s – You guessed it!

Autism – High concentrations of Aluminum are found in some vaccines. When reading safety literature on vaccines, it will clearly state the safety of orally ingested aluminum. Safety and toxicity research on injected Aluminum has not been performed on children! It has been performed on animals and it always causes brain damage.2,3,4,5,6 While the amount of injected Aluminum is small (<0.85mg dose), so are these kids! Tiny 6 pound children at birth are being injected with a Hepatitis B vaccine loaded with Aluminum. What do you think that does to a developing brain? A few months later: Hib, DTaP, pneumococcus, Hep A, Polio are all vaccines that can contain Aluminum. Everything that is injected enters the body. Do not be confused by the low absorption rate of orally ingested aluminum. Injected Aluminum is absorbed 100% and is known to damage the brain more than any other part of the body. In fact, the half-life of Aluminum in your brain can be up to 50 years.1

You don’t want yourself or your family to get Alzheimer’s or Autism, so what can you do? First: prevent. Stop antacids and buffered aspirin, and use Aluminum-free vaccines. Second: detoxify the aluminum that is currently in your body. Only a small amount of research has been performed on Aluminum detoxification. The best options are substances with high silicon content. Also consider DFO (physician monitored only), EDTA, (physician monitored only), and NAC. Curcumin has been shown to reverse aluminum-induced toxicity.1

It’s a dirty world out there, and we can’t live in a bubble. Unfortunately, sometimes business profits have a higher priority than consumer safety (i.e. Vioxx). Here’s your action plan. Accept Aluminum causes brain damage. Believe it may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s and Autism. Avoid antacids, buffered aspirin, and Aluminum containing vaccines. Push for more research on Aluminum toxicity and treatment. Continue to fight for your family and friends. Every health condition has a cause, nothing is idiopathic, and keep your hope! We will find an answer.


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OpthalmoscopeDr. Jared M. Skowron is the Amazon best-seling author of 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child. An international speaker and expert in natural medicine for children, his private practice is dedicated to healing children with all-natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments. Past pediatric faculty at University of Bridgeport, he founded a free Autism clinic to help children on the spectrum in under-served communities.

Founder of the Autism vitamin company, Spectrum Awakening, he specializes in the natural treatment of autism and other developmental disorders. He is co-founder and past Vice-President of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and often appears on NBC, FOX, and CBS, providing natural health advice to viewers. He serves on the advisory board of Autism Hope Alliance and Natural Practitioner magazine.

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