Darley_headshot_resizedCatherine Darley, ND is the founding director of The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Darley is passionate about the role healthy sleep plays in overall health and quality of life, and is pioneering the field of naturopathic sleep medicine. She provides comprehensive care for people of all ages with sleep problems, specializing in insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders. In addition to providing patient care, she educates the public and does corporate fatigue management programs.

Website: www.naturalsleepmedicine.net
Phone: 206-624-9950
Email: drdarley@naturalsleepmedicine.net
Facebook: The-Institute-of-Naturopathic-Sleep-Medicine

Twitter: @NaturalSleepDoctor

1904 3rd Ave, Suite 614 Seattle WA 98101

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