Dr. Michele Burklund is an internationally known naturopathic physician, wellness ambassador, passionate speaker, and women’s health blogger who believes in the Latin phrase “docere”, meaning doctor as teacher.

When she’s not researching for her next book, speaking around the globe, or writing for national magazines, she’s pouring her passion into empowering others to take charge of their health by getting in back in touch with nature. Dr. Michele loves the challenge of translating complicated scientific studies into useful lifestyle tips infused with nature.

Dr. Michele thinks that nature’s ability to heal us is very powerful and can be utilized in amazing ways.  She uses many different naturopathic modalities in her practice including botanicals, nutrition, hydrotherapy, and counseling in which she has found success in aliments ranging from acne to neurological issues.

“I have no doubt that the healing power of nature can enhance anyone’s life at whatever stage or age they are” ~Dr. Michele Burklund

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