Your naturopathic doctor should play the same consulting role in your household as your accountant or lawyer. While naturopathic medicine is not a quick fix, it can help guide you during moments of insecurity or ambiguity during your journey as a parent and partner.

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Amy Rothenberg, N.D, works with individuals and families to support good health and harmony throughout everyone’s unique family structure. Amy helps parents navigate the vast amount of information that is currently out there to figure out how to be in control of your house, kids, and life. 

If taking your children to the grocery store is a daunting task because of fear of an outburst, if your child only eats hot dogs and macaroni, or if you are struggling to get your kids involved in the decision making processes of your household, Amy is here to help. Amy lives by example and is proof of the power of intentionally designing your life and the power of true connection with your children. 

There are so many tools in the tool kit of naturopathic medicine and homeopathy that can help create good and happy health for your children, and when you model how to get through hardships proactively and successfully, you are setting your family up for success. 

How has homeopathy helped your child in overcoming their food sensitivities, attitude issues or other developmental challenges? Share your story with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • The importance of logical consequences when it comes to disciplining your child
  • How to embrace mealtime as a time of connection instead of stress or punishment
  • Understanding the role of good role models when it comes to your child’s predispositions
  • Ways to become more optimistic despite your genetic tendencies and traumas
  • Addressing and healing food sensitivity and improving the microbiome for your child



“The reason I had time to do those things, and write and think and do advocacy work really was because I was doing patient care 2-3 days a week, instead of 5 days a week.” (3:53)

“Children will take after what you do much more than what you say. Modeling the things that you value, I guess is what I would say is part of the secret sauce of parenting. And being consistent and being silly sometimes and admitting you are wrong and making mistakes and expressing your feelings and frustrations in healthy ways to model that for kids.” (20:32)

“The thing with discipline is that for a lot of parents, they just need a plan. If they have a plan, even if it doesn’t work every single time, and you might have to adjust it, having a plan is so important.” (31:09)

“I always ask the parents to ask themselves 3 questions. When the last time your kid ate, when is the last time your kid slept, and when is the last time you gave your kid 10 minutes of undivided attention?” (39:09)

“The first love is a mother’s love, and all love arises from a mother’s love. And love is the first medicine for everybody.” (52:04)



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