Dr. Ben Reebs is an award-winning naturopathic doctor, founder of Portland Clinic of Natural Medicine, and author of the new book, The Serpent & The Butterfly: The Seven Laws of Healing. Dr. Reebs specializes in resolving chronic disease with natural medicine and is here today to discuss the ways you can incorporate the seven laws of healing into your journey. Dr. Reebs considers himself merely a colleague of the vital force and wants to help you work with the laws of vitality rather than against them.

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The triangle of chronic disease; toxicity, deficiency, and vital force, all respond not only to your energy and environment but also your thoughts and feelings. Dr. Reebs believes that the law of intention is directly impacted by the law of vitality, and it is only by believing in our own innate ability to heal that we can truly begin to walk down that road. 

Science is only now just proving many traditional treatments that our ancestors have used for centuries. By marrying the concepts of art and science, Dr. Reebs uses homeopathy to combine different therapies and plants so that his patients can strengthen their ability to heal through the vital force. By honoring, loving, and listening to yourself, Dr. Reebs is proof that true healing is possible. 

Are you ready to apply the seven laws of healing to your journey? Share how you feel about the role of naturopathic medicine in resolving and preventing disease with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • The importance of envisioning and believing in your ability to heal 
  • Learn about the Seven Laws of Healing and how to apply them to your journey
  • How to use pharmaceuticals in the right way to support vitality compensation
  • Discover how homeopathic medicine works within the law of resonance 
  • Why you may find your greatest gift in the place you have been wounded most


“The first law is the law of vitality. And it is really this idea of the vital force… this innate healing capacity, this idea that the body is always working to heal itself. It is always working for us to restore normal structure and function. It is actually innate programming in the very cells of our biology.” (5:46)

“It really begins with the intention to get well. With being open to the possibility that we can get well, and if we don’t believe that we can get well, it is a lot more challenging.” (9:41)

“They all kind of prove that the law of resonance really is a real thing. And so certain therapies resonate with certain patients, certain medicines resonate with certain diseases, and I think that the #1 medicine would be homeopathic medicine because it really illustrates the law of resonance. Because we can use homeopathic medicines that resonate with a certain disease pattern.” (23:13)

“Plants can be used like drugs, and they produce primary effects and secondary effects.” (27:50)

“Where we have been hurt is actually where our strength lies, its where our journey begins. So we have to go in and find that pain.” (35:30)


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