While hormones are often villainized or dismissed, they can play a huge role in your relationships, mood and overall health. Dr. Carrie Jones is a functional medicine women’s health and hormone doctor, speaker, and medical director of the DUTCH test, a test specifically designed to help women get a handle on their hormones and understand their adrenals. 

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Passionate about educating and empowering women on the ‘hard stuff’ in regards to our hormonal biochemistry as women, Carrie is here to help you stand up for yourself and increase your ability to do research and help you work on your own health. 

The truth is, most people know more about how to use Instagram than they do about their own hormones. By understanding how hormones can affect your relationship, mood, anxiety and more, you can start to motivate yourself to improve your mind and body for true body optimization. 

If you want to understand the connection between your hormones, blood sugar, cardiovascular health, fatigue and more, gain insight into what is happening inside your body from a clinical perspective and feel attracted and bonded to whoever you are with to start becoming excited about your life and relationships again, this is the episode you can’t miss. 

Have you noticed the connection between your mood, body functioning, and hormonal imbalances or cyclical changes? Share how your hormones impact you in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Understanding the role of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and more
  • Symptoms and behaviors of high or low dopamine and cortisol and how to treat it
  • How to know how far up the chain to go to address your hormone imbalance
  • Learn how relationships, stress, and hormones can contribute to your mood and health
  • Signs and symptoms that you should get your menopause symptoms addressed



“For women, we are much more reactive and much more sensitive, and because we get cycles we experience it much more than men do, the ups and downs. So if I can explain that to women, really have them understand what hormone is doing what, when and why, it really takes away from that ‘I think I’m crazy’.” (5:55)

“I am not about preventing menopause, that is true, it is what it is and it is going to happen, ladies, I am sorry, or not. But what I am against is when people say ‘just let it happen and don’t do anything’. And I am not willing to risk my mood, my brain, my bones, and my cardiovascular risks because this is natural.” (14:07)

“I have seen it, unfortunately, time after time really wreck a relationship when one person isn’t interested and doesn’t have the sex drive and the other person does. And it can be really damaging, so to know that we can work on this gives a lot of hope for couples.” (25:14)

“If you can’t get your blood sugar under control, you’ll never get your cortisol under control, because they go hand in hand.” (32:56)

“Your cortisol affects dopamine, your DHEA affects dopamine, your estrogen affects dopamine, and so you may not have a dopamine problem, you may have an estrogen problem, but they all tie into one another.” (39:09)



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