By combining the bones of naturopathic medicine with cardiology practices, it is possible to help your body restore and fix itself. Through a commitment to giving patients the opportunity to get well and using medicine without prejudice, anybody at any age can get better. Individualized care and the understanding of how and when these naturopathic treatments are best optimized is the key to creating long-lasting heart health for Dr. Decker Weiss. 

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While conventional cardiology is designed to deal with the issue right in front of you, naturopathic cardiology works to embrace the whole story and the changes that are necessary to correct your root cause issues. If you are looking to understand the important role cardiology plays, especially for women, when bringing holistic health practices to the conventional model, this is the episode for you. 

Instead of mimicking the healing power of nature with drugs, naturopathic cardiology can help you heal your body, fix your hormones, and decrease your risk of heart disease through natural and effective solutions. Are you ready to get out of a state of inflammation and start to think naturopathically when it comes to your heart health? Share what you found the most interesting about the information shared in this episode in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • The difference between naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine 
  • Why creating an individualized health plan is key to long-term health success
  • The most common warnings that arise in cardiology and people with heart problems
  • Understanding the important connection between the gut microbiome and heart health
  • Which natural remedies can help decrease your negative heart symptoms


“I am what I am, I am a naturopathic physician. I will come from a prevention point of view, I will come for restoring function, trying not to replace function.” (3:38)

“Feeling healthy is much more infectious than disease. Health will spread far faster in your patient population than disease ever will.” (8:44)

“We need to be warning people very very differently, that any source of chronic inflammation is your warning sign, if you manage that or handle it naturally you should be fine.” (22:24)

“I think cardiology has never been that adverse to nutritional models and things like that. But there is just such overwhelming evidence in the effect of what we are doing and how it is working that even the most staunch conventional doctors are starting to change the way that they think.” (42:47)


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