Dr. Eben Alexander spent over 20 years as a renowned academic neurosurgeon, before waking up one morning with horrible back pain. Within 3.5 hours Dr. Alexander had slipped into a coma, that would take him away from this world for 7 days. When Dr. Alexander returned, his ability to regain his knowledge from this world, and the world he had experienced while unconscious, shocked medical professionals and the world alike.

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Proof Of Heaven with Dr. Eben Alexander

The extraordinary world Dr. Alexander experienced within his coma has been the basis for his book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander, as well as brought key insights to the mind-body discussion and to our human understanding of the fundamental nature of reality. With his son’s encouragement, Dr. Alexander wrote down his experience in over 20,000 words and dove into other experiences of near-death experiences. What he found was shocking similarities, unexplainable healing, and a passion for sharing information about near-death experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences, and what they teach us about consciousness and the nature of reality.

Dismissing Myths Between Consciousness and Reality

While traditional science chooses to focus on the materialistic aspect of consciousness, Dr. Alexander’s life-changing experience has brought into clarity the ‘Cloud of Possibility’ and the many fundamental truths of consciousness. Dr. Alexander views near-death experiences as the tip of the consciousness sphere, and act as a way to remind the soul of something that they already know. By awakening yourself to participate in our shared duty to participate in our evolution of consciousness, you can become one with the divine and step into our true interconnectedness.

The Infinite Healing Power of Unconditional Love

Above all else, Dr. Alexander’s experience showed him the power that unconditional love has to heal and overcome all else. Through the understanding that love is what binds us together, you too can have a spiritually transformative experience and begin to accept the truth of the Universe and your role in it. Nothing is stronger than love, and by dismissing the false thinking of separation and embracing the true healing that comes from self-exploration and looking from within, you can embrace the relationship of our hearts, love, and consciousness.

Have you ever had a near-death or transformative experience or known someone who has gone through it? Share your insights with your experience or your belief in love as the ultimate healer with me in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Recognizing the disconnection between quantum physics and consciousness (4:40)
  • Learn about the emerging scientific model of ‘Filter Theory’ and how it affects your consciousness (14:34)
  • Recount the amazing and inexplicable events that lead to Dr. Alexander’s Proof Of Heaven and complete recovery (18:40)
  • How to become and embody the love that you are and be in touch with your heart resonance (30:55)
  • The role of love and sound in the healing power of mind-body medicine (39:40)

Key Takeaways

The three most important things that you can take away from Dr. Alexanders near-death experience are:

  1. Traditional science cannot begin to understand the deep connection between consciousness and the mind-body debate
  2. Love can truly conquer all when we are able to accept our role in the creation of an unconditionally supportive world
  3. Sound, reincarnation and the spiritual Universe play a massive role in our ability to heal and love one another


“I think it does resonate, I like to think that it reminds souls of something they know deep down. Because we have all been through this cycling of multiple spiritual realms and into these physical incarnations and this is really just about getting to a deeper wisdom that is closer to the truth about the nature of reality.” (3:35)

“I see near-death experiences as really kind of the tip of the sphere, to kind of force us into a much richer interpretation of consciousness and the brain-mind relationship. And this is very refreshing because it leads us away from this kind of simplistic and false materialism that is part of our modern science.” (17:37)

“In fact, the best topics that map out our ascendence along this pathway of growth is a compass that leads us to make choices out of love, compassion, acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness. And these are the most direct pathways, these point out the lessons that humanity is challenged to learn in this millennia of our current epoch.” (24:24)

“To put this love in perspective was really was more of becoming the love that I am and that we all are.” (30:20)

“Each and every one of us can serve as a point of light. We can all come to a higher truth about all of this, realize the power we have to manifest this perfect world, and we can bring it into being. This is not some wishful thinking, pie in the sky kind of idea, but actually something that is a practical part of the awakening that I see coming to this world now.” (38:15)


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