Did you know there are more types of cannabis out there than there are types of dogs? And just like a dog, it can take lots of research and trials before finding the right fit for your family. Dr. Jake Felice is here to help assist you on your journey as he explains the transformative powers of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the healing nature of plant medicine.

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Cannabis as a medicinal natural treatment has exploded within the last few years, with the discovery that our ECS plays a role in every aspect of our lives and our cells. Endocannabinoids use a body-wide systemic network and impact everything from your toes to your brain, so it is important to learn how they can help you take better care of yourself and your family.

If you are curious about the methods of delivery of cannabis such as topicals, edibles and vaping, want to learn more about the benefits of growing your own medicine, or dive into the scientific studies that are providing the effectiveness of this plant, this episode is for you. 

Work to break the stigma around cannabis and learn the powerful medicinal benefits around this wonderful plant by educating yourself with Dr. Felice. A passionate educator who works to help others understand plant medicine, Dr. Felice exposes the truth behind this popular remedy. 

What role does cannabis play in your life and path towards true healing? Share with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the difference between THC and CBD cannabis
  • Exploring the methods of delivery and what could be right for you
  • Learn how cannabis can help chronic diseases and health issues
  • Ways to use cannabis to become more compatible with your environment 
  • Discover the dose-response curve, entourage effect, budtenders and more



“All of these systems that the body uses to keep life going and keep them in check, run on the [enodcannabinoid] system.” (17:24)

“Now with the endocannabinoid system we are getting some really good hard data, not only just in cells, but in cell tissue studies, animal studies and now in humans, that the entourage effect is real.” (30:07)

“It is a wonderfully empowering thing to make your own medicine, but to grow your own medicine and then make that into your own medicine that you can use or even give to a friend or a loved one, its botanical medicine.” (43:54)

“It benefits both sides of the equation. It benefits the health side of the equation, it benefits the disease side of the equation, and it can go both ways on that. Meaning that you can lose your health if the ECS is compromised but you can restore the endocannabinoid system and get it back.” (50:38)



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