Dr. Joel Kahn is a powerhouse leader in integrative cardiology, founder of The Kahn Center for cardiac longevity, and voted ‘Sexiest Male Vegan’ by PETA in 2016. Much more than just glowing skin, Dr. Khan is here today to dive into the topic of heart health and what you can do to increase your heart’s longevity and overall health. 

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While heart health is not a ‘one size fits all approach’, there are scientifically proven ways that you can improve your longevity and reverse your risk of cardiovascular damage. This episode is packed with knowledge about your heart health that you probably haven’t ever heard before. Everything from the wrinkles in your earlobes, your lifestyle factors, and what you eat can play a huge role in your heart’s longevity, and Dr. Kahn’s expertise is something you cannot miss. 

If you are striving to be healthier, want to know the first steps you need to take to start taking better care of your heart, or are desiring more knowledge when it comes to your health, this is the episode for you. By gaining insight into Dr. Kahn’s research, you can start to appreciate and take care of the amazing organ that is your heart. 

What piece of information shared today surprised you? Let us know how you are taking care of your heart in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Discover your likelihood to develop heart disease and what you can do about it
  • Surprising symptoms to look out for to proactively look after your hearts health
  • Learn how to reverse prior cardiovascular damage to improve your longevity
  • Addressing the dietary and nutritional confusion you have around fats and more
  • The six things that could contribute to you developing heart disease despite your health now
  • What test you can take to find out if you should be concerned about heart disease 


“Nobody with heart disease should be surprised, they should know years before the event.” (13:18)

“I wish heart disease were wrinkles because we care and can see wrinkles, we cant see heart disease so we don’t care about it as much. But there is probably a relationship between not just earlobe creases. The point is, if you want beautiful glowing skin, eat fruits and vegetables and legumes. At the same time, we know you are going to benefit your cardiovascular system.” (20:11)

“Plant-based, we all get it. 100% plant-based is where I am at, but if you are 90%+ then you are in the sweet spot of the best glowing skin, cardiovascular benefit, reduction, and risk for adult diabetes and such.” (24:50)

“There is confusion because I think we have to define who you are talking too. There is no one size fits all. And in a typical blog on the wellness sights don’t really make that distinction, whereas I am always writing for the heart patient.” (29:19)

“You look at a population of 20 or 30 thousand people who say ‘I don’t have heart disease’, and 20 years later you go visit them and say ‘who had a heart attack? Who is alive, who died of heart disease?’. There are six things that predict developing heart disease in a relatively healthy population.” (37:47)


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