Feeling overwhelmed is not a state of consciousness that you should be in for long. The feeling of overwhelm is really the result of the accumulation of stress in our lives and is what Dr. Samantha Brody is passionate about curing. A naturopathic practitioner and acupuncturist, Dr. Samanatha works to transform the lives of her clients through innovative personalized approaches that create room in your life for the unexpected. 

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Dr. Samantha is all about thinking outside the box when it comes to things you can’t control. By identifying your core values, Dr. Samantha believes that you can find a type of self-care that works for you and eliminates your overwhelm. Learn how to discover what is most important for you, steps to overcome your overwhelm in the moment, and ways to shape your life to support your own values and needs. 

Through understanding the common patterns that tend to overwhelm women, and shifting your mindset to view self-care as a long term commitment that needs to align with your core values, you can stop letting the feeling over overwhelm control you. Life is about finding joy and with the help of Dr. Samantha you can get back to a place of tranquility. 

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In This Episode

  • How to identify what in your life is causing your overwhelm and change it
  • Tips to handle overwhelm depending on the season of your life
  • Addressing the ‘busy culture’ and perfectionism mindset pushed by society 
  • Honoring who you truly are and not what modern culture pushes you to be doing
  • Understanding the physical symptoms that can result from too much overwhelm 



“There are always things that are going to impact us. And the more we are able to dismantle or take out those things that we identify as being within our control, small things or bigger things, we are able to make more room for the inevitable.” (6:59)

“Any symptom we have, any ill health we have, any imbalance we have, has an aspect of overwhelm to it. Because if the stress is more than our bodies, minds, and spirits can handle, that’s how we experience overwhelm.” (13:08)

“Overwhelm often manifests into physical symptoms and when we are able to pick that apart we allow room to get better, we allow room to create health and not just tolerate illness and imbalance.” (26:24)

“The thing you are doing to take care of your overwhelm doesn’t always need to be self-care and something that feels good. It’s important to do those things also, but really looking at what is going to serve me the best big picture. And sometimes that is just getting sh*t done.” (39:06)



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