Have you ever thought about the way that your health may be impacted by the seasons? Dr. Sarita Elizabeth Cox is a naturopathic physician who specializes in Traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Cox is here today to show you how you can use your own elemental constitution to create the healthiest version of you.

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Through her easy to implement strategies, Dr. Cox is passionate about helping others implement the 5-Element System to understand the seasonal influence on their ‘root and branch’ health issues. In this episode, Dr. Cox will take us through the seasonal cycle, beginning with spring, and show you how the different seasons and elements can impact your immune system, multiple organs, and your ability to find balance in your life. If you are curious 

If you want to improve your quality of life, are looking for knowledge on how Chinese medicine embraces all aspects of life, or want to discover your elemental type, Dr. Cox is the expert you need to hear from. By moving through, experiencing, and letting go of our trauma you can change your state of energy and let your body relax into wellness. 

Are you ready to learn how to implement the foundations of Chinese medicine and your own elemental constitution? Share what new piece of information you learned in this episode with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Learn about the four gates of Chinese medicine, the 5-Element system, and more
  • Discover how to honor your symptoms and pay attention to their messages
  • How to change your energy from grasping to releasing with the help of metal elements
  • The role the four seasons play in your organ functioning, stress levels, and constitution
  • Why being out of balance could be affecting your immune system and overall health


“Symptoms are so, so valuable. And I try to help folks that come in here start to honor the symptoms they are having in their body, and actually pay attention to them because they are guiding us.” (13:55)

“When we are disconnected, that is where we fall into destructive habits and we fill ourselves up with addictions because we don’t have the proper connections that we really need to sustain us.” (19:49)

“If we can just find one or two things that resonate with that person, then we start allowing them to start exploring them a little bit deeper. And that is why the seasonal format works because we are coming back around to it next year.” (27:59)

“That is not disturbing, that’s actually kind of natural. That we grow and develop and change, especially over time or seasonally.” (35:19)

“Love, I believe, is our ultimate medicine. In the tradition in which I sit… we always use Metta Bhavana which is loving-kindness at the end of our session. It is the balm that we have consistent access too, and it elevates us. And it heals us, love, completely.” (43:16)


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