Welcome to the first official episode of Season 2 of Love Is Medicine. Today we are starting the new season off with a bang, as I am joined by a doctor of chiropractic and expert in functional neurology, brain metabolism and the application of the ketogenic diet for female physiology, Dr. Stephanie Estima.

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Dr. Stephanie is passionate about helping to empower women to live better lives by knowing better and doing better for their bodies. Today Dr. Stephanie is here to dive into everything from hormone derangement to your menstrual cycle and how stress affects the brain so that you can gain a complete picture of what is going on with your body. 

There is a difference between physical, chemical and emotional stress, and it is only by listening to your symptoms that you can stop treating your body like the enemy. Dr. Stephanie believes that we often underestimate the power of our body’s ability to change and to heal, and is determined to give you the tools you need to start treating yourself with a little self-love.

Are you ready to start fostering a deeper connection with yourself and with others? Head on over and share your favorite self-care tips with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Explore your dynamic and ever-changing hormone landscape throughout the cycles
  • Learn how to adapt the ketogenic diet for your specific body needs
  • The importance of recovery and slowing down to honor your body and cycle
  • Stress management tools to help regulate your hormones and get better sleep
  • How to know which supplements could be the most beneficial for your unique needs
  • Discover the role orgasms, libido and serotonin play in your brain health



“Women are not little men. We are not just men with these pesky hormones, we have a much more complex hormonal landscape.” (6:47)

“There are ebbs and flows to the cycle, and it is actually a beautiful design, but the more you know, if you know better you can do better.” (13:06)

“If you want to make physical gains, whatever those gains are for you whether it is weight loss, metabolic regularity, mood, strength, power, muscular definition, you have to also give yourself time to recover.” (23:44)

“Sometimes its as easy as breathwork, its free and its available to everyone, its getting women attuned to what their body is telling them.” (36:08)

“It helps to keep you feeling younger and it is energetic and all these things, but my love of what an orgasm can do for a woman is it helps her brain.” (49:59)



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