Dr. Terry Wahls did what many doctors said was impossible, she healed herself from advance Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A clinical professor of medicine who preaches the importance of paleo principles and functional medicine, Dr. Wahls created The Wahls Protocol during her own health journey and has since become fully committed to sharing this information with others.

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We all know that diet and lifestyle impact our health, but Dr. Wahls is the epitome of hope and is here to change the way you think about disease and health. By implementing a therapeutic diet and lifestyle into your life, you can reverse the symptoms of your chronic illness and stop your autoimmune disease in its tracks. 

Our health is directly related to our self-correcting biochemistry and physiology, and it is only by deepening your understanding of the role of nutrition that you can improve your body’s ability to participate in the chemistry of life. 

If you want to increase your nervous system and brain plasticity while using diet and lifestyle to treat autoimmune symptoms, Dr. Wahls has the information you need to succeed.

Have you used therapeutic diet and lifestyle practices to slow or stop the progression of your chronic illness? Share your results with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • How diet and lifestyle can impact symptoms in MS and other autoimmune diseases
  • The single most powerful intervention you can use to lower any disease process
  • Why you should be constructing your diet around your mitochondria
  • Simple supplements to detox your diet and cleanse your body 
  • Ways to minimize your prescription medications and eat organic on a budget



“That’s when I understood that the conventional understanding of progressive MS is incomplete. That I was recovering, and who knew how much recovery might be possible?“ (10:54)

“Its the same disease whatever your autoimmune problem is. Its the same disease whatever your mental health and the neurologic problem is. It is incorrectly formed biochemistry, cellular physiology, often because we have been poising ourselves with these compounds that interfere with how our cells can do the chemistry of life.” (17:33)

“A recipe is merely a suggestion, its no big deal if you are missing the ingredients, it’s just something to start with.” (29:46)

“I ended up having to make a decision. Was I going to spend more of my time teaching the rest of the world how to do this? Which meant I would have to leave the BA. So I did leave the BA so I can spend more time traveling the world and teaching the world how to use these concepts .” (32:43)



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