Elaine Glass has sat with over 30,000 patients throughout her prior 30-year career as a dental hygienist, and her current work as a Certified Master Life Coach, advisor, and speaker. After making the connection between her innate sensibility to calm her dental patients into a slumber through energy fields, and the ending of her own unhappy marriage, Elaine realized she needed to take her gifts to the world and help others live a life of purpose too.

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Today Elaine works with her clients, including yours truly, to help fully realize their ability to love yourself and leap. Listen in as Elaine shares her wisdom on how to see your own greatness, ways to stop settling for a mediocre existence, and how to peel away the layers of busyness in your life to gain emotional and mental clarity.

When we experience trauma or loss, our energy fields become fragmented, resulting in us feeling lost and alone. Elaine provides ways to get through these dark and stormy moments and tools to find peace and surrender to the uncertainty. By sitting in your own quiet you can find truth in your stillness and summon your voice so you can ask for what you need and stop settling.

You may have hidden inherent talents that could create a positive impact on the world, but the storms in which you are choosing are shaking up your life in the wrong way. Elaine is the perfect expert to help you get your life in a place for true inner peace and health, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Are you ready to stop settling and find love within yourself? Share your thoughts on this episode in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • What it is like to leave a ‘fairytale marriage’ in search of emotional security
  • Simple exercises to help you ground yourself and find healthy ways to reattach
  • Finding your identity and truth through a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Examining what may be keeping you from showing up to fully support others
  • Reconnecting with your inner wisdom by removing the representatives in your relationships



“I had a lot of things, but I didn’t have what really mattered the most, and that was love and connection.” (12:06)

“The pattern is always settling. Settling for things that don’t serve us, settling in a job or relationship or anything in life that doesn’t feel within the integrity of who we are.” (14:08)

“When we go through a loss or something that really shakes us, the energy fragments, it splits. So how do we get that back so that it’s strong again? Those are the things I teach as well.” (20:45)

“It’s about what can we peel back, what can we let go of and stop controlling, in order to allow what is supposed to come in.” (26:34)

“That’s when you can begin to show someone that you meet, anyone, who you are because you know who you are. You know what lights you up again, you know what you are great at, and you can come in love and in value and you are a giver.” (38:44)



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