After experiencing her own familial and marital betrayals, Dr. Debi Silber felt compelled to go back to school and complete her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. Throughout her research, Dr. Debi focused on how women experience betrayal and discovered three key components to how long it can take us to heal. A renowned holistic psychologist, health, mindset, and personal development expert, Dr. Debi is the expert on embracing and moving forward from a betrayal. Today Dr. Debi shares her insights into the 5 key stages of betrayal, the symptoms of Post-Betrayal Syndrome, and what you can do to move past an unhealed betrayal to live life with no restrictions.

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While betrayals can have many faces and varying degree of deceit, there is no doubt that leaving a past betrayal unresolved can have negative implications both physically and mentally. Dr. Debi argues that we need to balance this by taking care of our spiritual and emotional needs as equals, find ways to truly forgive yourself and find closure, and accepting the past instead of dulling the pain.

Our greatest crisis can reveal our greatest gift if we are willing to see it, and Dr. Debi provides practical tools and knowledge to help you move from resilience to transformation. Learn how to move through the 5 stages of betrayal and open your window of willingness to mourn the loss of the past and move onto your new life. Once you lose it all, you can rebuild your life into whatever you have dreamed of.

Are you still holding onto pain from a past betrayal? Let us know what steps you are taking to help rebuild yourself in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the 5 stages of betrayal and how to move through them gracefully
  • Clues to know that you are suffering from Post-Betrayal Syndrome and how to move on
  • Which three unrecognized symptoms of betrayal could be holding you back for life
  • Exploring how lingering health issues could be connected to an unhealed betrayal
  • How to open yourself up and become willing to find closure and healing



“With betrayal, you are in a club that you never wanted to be in, but everybody in that club understands it.” (13:24)

“If you ever had the motivation to heal, its because you were sort of put in this position. And to stay there just gives your power to the very person that hurt you.” (27:48)

“You have a new mind based on what you have experienced, based on where you are now, based on new beliefs that you are forming, and you have a new world view based on what you have been through.” (33:02)

“What do you need to do so that you take that trauma that you never thought you would recover from, and how can you use that as fuel to just make it not even tolerable, make it your gift and then your contribution.” (36:33)



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