Dr. Jessica Drummond is thefounder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and is passionate about empowering women who struggle with chronic pelvic pain conditions and hormonal imbalances. A women’s health specialist and pelvic floor know it all, Dr. Jessica is here today to share how she was able to heal her own pelvic pain through nutritional and lifestyle medicine.

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Because our bodies are so interconnected, different physiological symptoms can often come together creating pain in the pelvic area. This can lead to endometriosis, painful sex or vulvodynia, muscle dysfunction, and more. Instead of placing a bandaid on your pain, Dr. Jessica provides exercises and nutritional resources that can help relax the muscles of your pelvic floor and reduce your symptoms.

Learn what vitamins and minerals are an essential part of your diet if you want to repair your pelvic muscles, exercises that go far beyond Kegels to help relax and strengthen your pelvic floor, and ways to regain your fertility through lifestyle changes. You may be carrying tension in your pelvic floor without realizing it, incorrectly absorbing your nutrients, or even pooping less than biomechanically desirable. When you can get comfortable with getting connected to the muscles in your pelvic floor, you can heal your pelvic pain naturally and support the reduction of your symptoms.

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In This Episode

  • Understanding the autoimmune component to vulvodynia and other pelvic floor pain
  • The most common clinical issues with the pelvic area and digestive irritation
  • Which pelvic floor muscle training moves you should be doing based on your symptoms
  • Balancing the colon microbiome to improve your vaginal microbiome health
  • Nutrition tips to help get your digestion back on track and stop your pelvic floor pain



“If you just help women become wholly healthy, spiritually, emotionally, biochemically, physiologically, biomechanically, then their pelvic pain can be resolved from the root.” (8:53)

“Painful bladder is challenging in a number of different ways, but I always start with digestion, because I think in the case of vulvodynia and painful bladder syndrome there is an inflammatory component for sure.” (15:04)

“A c-section is the only major abdominal surgery where you get no rehab and you are immediately sent home to care for a newborn.” (22:18)

“Clinically I see a lot of things like plastic exposure. I had a client who lived in the Middle East, super hot, who was always wearing plastic flip flops. And taking that away changed her chronic estrogen dominance.” (39:42)



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