Our relationships can have a big impact on our overall health, well being, and the ability to generate love. This stems from our early experiences in childhood that affect your brain and body chemistry and leave lasting impacts. Science has shown that parental inconsistency can lead to long term mental health problems and reduced happiness in children, while children who are surrounded by love and potential are shown to stimulate healthy development into adulthood.

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Love really is medicine, and it starts with our first experiences. The experiences we have as children are part of who we are for our entire life and the way we are loved when we are young impacts our relationships for the rest of our lives. By understanding this as adults we can best make choices about how we want to raise and cultivate the next generation. How do you feel love impacted you in early childhood? Let me know in the comments.


In This Episode

  • The primary factor to ensure continuous and healthy growth in your infant
  • Why our early experiences create a framework for future relationships
  • A look into epigenetics and the science of our environment and genetic expression
  • The importance of bonding with your baby for socio-emotional development



“I’m not sure if I consciously noticed it then, but I was learning the power of being truly present as a way to express or receive love” (2:15)

“Epigenetics is discovering more and more how not only our brains but also our genes are affected by the lives we live and the environment that surrounds us” (7:08)

“Love is what our children need from us and what we needed from our early caregivers. This bonding shapes us into our adulthood and we are hardwired to connect intimately” (8:32)

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